Team LEISURE begrüßt Battalion 1944-Team


Team LEISURE begrüßt Battalion 1944-Team

Mit dem heutigen Tag dürfen wir ein neues Battalion 1944-Team in unseren Reihen begrüßen. Und damit das erste internationale Team unter der Flagge von Team LEISURE seit dem Neustart. Hier übrigens die fünf Jungs, die aus Finnland, Großbritannien, Serbien, Frankreich und Deutschland kommen:

“Hello! I go by the nickname ‘Headbangeri’. I am 27 years old and i am a former competitive CoD2 Player. I was happy to get contacted by Felix during the summer about their open spot in their Team. We’re practicing and thriving everyday to be the team to win the Open League. I am also thankful for the opportunity to be part of Team LEISURE. We will keep the flag up high and prove ourselves within this amazing community of Battalion 1944. See you on the Battalionfields lads!”

Jiri ‘Headbangeri’ Hiltunen (27, Finnland)


“Hi my name is Reece ‘REECEYm’ Mennell, I’ve currently been forming a team with rEjexx since early access, we’ve currently found this lineup and everything is going way better than expected! We hope to win the Open League and its great to do that under the organisation LEISURE, i’ll try anything once. Thank you for having us, and hope to do well under your name!”

Reece ‘REECEYm’ Mennell (26, Großbritannien)


“Hey, my name is Marko, in-game I go by ScaV. I’m 24 years old, I’ve been gaming for most of my life I have my posture as proof. My love for competitive gaming came from CS:GO and for the past 4 years I’ve been casting CS:GO under GameAgents, but when Battalion early access came out it completely replaced my addiction for CS:GO and made me want to compete, I see a bright future with this team, and I’m more than happy to play under the Team LEISURE name.”

Marko ‘ScaV’ Bubalo (24, Serbien)



“Hey! My name is Adrien and I’m 27 years old. I am playing b44 since the Early Access release and im looking forward to attend and win all upcoming events for Team LEISURE.”

Adrien ‘fuckR’ Gremillon (27, Frankreich)


“Hey Guys! I am Felix, a former CoD4 Player and I’m 22 years old. Since the Early Access we have all waited so long until today! We can finally represent an organisation we are proud to play for. I am really happy to perform under Team LEISURE in the upcoming offline and online tournaments!”

Felix ‘rEjexx’ Kerkhoff (22, Deutschland)


Derzeit sind die Jungs in der Blitzkrieg European Open League aktiv. Einem Wettbewerb bei dem ein Preisgeld von insgesamt 3.000 Euro ausgeschüttet wird (1. 1.500 Euro, 2. 750 Euro, 3. 500 Euro und 4. 250 Euro).

In der Open League befinden sie sich derzeit mit 3 Siegen und 0 Niederlagen auf dem 1. Rang der Gruppe C. Erst am gestrigen Abend musste unser neues Team gegen fatBOYz ran und konnte das Match 2:0 (BO3) gewinnen. Das nächste Match gegen rescue findet am 27. August um 19:00 Uhr statt

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